ELEKCE means choice. And we hope, that you deliberately select the cooperation with our company.

We are a small family firm that provides a company  for the elderly based on good personal relations, flexibility and high quality work.

Our goal is to provide seniors a pleasant company, contact with people, help with cleaning, cooking, accompaniment to medical practitioners, etc. Our goal is to furtherlighten the relatives when they want to go to the cinema, theatre, or go on vacation.

We know from experience, how autumn life  can be  lonely and sometimes heavy and how it is difficult to find a solid support and assistance. Therefore, we place greatemphasis on the selection of our employees, your associates and companions. We strive to make their properties, access to the people and education to ensure your satisfaction.

We currently offer our services in Prague, Česká Lípa and Pilsen, where we are able to personally operate and monitor the quality of our services.

Word of the owner, the Manager and father:

"When my daughter Lucy  came to me with this idea , I did not hesitate. On the housing estate where I live, I meet a lonely people, who often, in my life expectancy, not experienced by the time that we have calculated. It always bothered me and it bothers me even more now. Therefore, I want to do something with it. "

Mgr. Vladimír Ort,

51 years, professional teacher

The word of responsible persons and daughter:

"This year I finished school at the University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Ústí nad Labem, which inspired me. I've always been interested in the social area and the care of older people. It is necessary and for me also interesting work. That's why I approached my father, that would help me with the running of our company. I hope that you will be very well with us."

Bc. Lucie Ortová,

28 years, responsible for Prague, where she lives